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Having become a reference brand in the world of sophistication, the Burberry fashion house injects its visionary and timeless spirit into each of its creations, and Burberry bags are obviously no exception. Embroidered with the unmistakable Scottish tartan, Burberry bags combine supreme elegance and practicality. Among the unmissable Burberry bags this season, the DK88 handbag and its trapezoid lines. This bag becomes the new it-bag of the brand, thanks to its large size and its refined finishes. The Macken, in a small size, combines elegance and finesse, thanks to its calfskin leather and a sophisticated carabiner. Unexpectedly, the Ashby bucket bag surprises with its timeless signature printed tartan revisited in a canvas creation. Each Burberry bag reflects the rock spirit of the brand, allied to English chic.


Burberry bags and accessories


British at heart, Burberry bags come in several types of leather, but also in shearling, suede, and canvas check. Prints and colours vary with the seasons, honouring Burberry's emblematic tartan. In addition to Burberry bags, also discover Burberry scarves or shoes.

  • Burberry The Small Belt Bag In Regency Blue Calfskin

    £1 390
  • Burberry The Medium Belt Bag In Black Calfskin

    £1 590
  • Burberry The Baby Belt Bag In Ash Rose Calfskin

    £1 190
  • Burberry The Small Belt Bag In Charcoal Grey Calfskin

    £1 390
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