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Like all of the designer's creations, Giorgio Armani bags are both discreet and modern. With sleek cuts, sophisticated fabrics and warm materials, these bags are recognizable amongst many others. A distinctive style, created by a superposition of materials and a mixture of fabrics. Giorgio Armani bags are made in elegantly crafted leather for a luxurious and minimalist result. A classic fashion, made famous by timeless models. Among the basics, the Sac 11, symbol of the craftsmanship of the Italian designer. Existing in different sizes and colours, it conjugates stitching and dye patches, for a chic and sophisticated result.


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Structured and elegant, Giorgio Armani bags are renowned for their sleek lines and sophisticated finishes. The Giorgio Armani Écurie bag and its double wear are also key elements of the Italian fashion house, with this classical and sophisticated model. More discreetly, the Charnière Dorée bag is decorated with a hinge clasp, signature of Giorgio Armani.


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