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The combination of semi-precious stones with gold-plated silver and ethnic-inspired designs and especially, make the pieces from the 5 Octobre brand for the 2018 Spring-Summer season, jewellery we want to wear forever. Sophie Pfeffer, as usual, blends different materials and influences to bring us modern pieces charged with history.


In 2004, the 5 Octobre brand was established by Sophie Pfeffer. The concept was simple, gold jewellery adorned with little stones and pearls. The small jewellery brand quickly gained a strong fanbase among jewellery fans and fashion editors alike. Interesting brand collaborations followed with Lilith in 2008, Merci in 2009 and Swildens in 2010 as well as a partnership with Swarovski in 2011, that sold pieces with Swarovski’s crystals in their own stores.   


Even though she had been making jewellery since she was a child, Sophie Pfeffer never intended to become a fashion designer. After ten years as a lawyer, she decided to make a huge lifestyle change in 2000.

In 2004, she presented her first jewellery collection and her inimitable style was born, a blend of rugged and refined materials, baroque and delicate shapes.


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