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For the 2018 Spring-Summer season, Jonny Johansson takes us on a trip to a truly original thrift shop. The heart of this collection is the suit, in all colours and materials. Pistachio, coral, beige, the palette is spring-like, boosted with a few touches of electric blue and glitter. The accessories are minimalist. From the micro-purse to the mono-earring via resin bracelets, jewellery, handbags and shoes, everything follows the cool, original house style.


The ACNE Studios brand was founded in 1996. At the time, Jonny Johansson and his creative team had no defined strategy; they just wanted to "make fashion" and to offer something contemporary. What is more contemporary than jeans? The team created one hundred pairs of denim jeans with red stitching and distributed them to friends and family as well as a few local customers. Two years later, the label offered a complete ready-to-wear collection. ACNE Studios, an acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions, aims to redefine and go beyond fashion boundaries. The Swedish brand differentiates by its multidisciplinary approach, a mix of materials, colors and volumes and great attention to detail. Photography, painting, fashion history and architecture have greatly inspired and influenced ACNE Studios over the years.


Passionate about art, Jonny Johansson began his career as a musician. As a young man, he was used to creating his own clothes. He left his hometown of Umea and moved to Stockholm where he worked in a clothing store. His shop windows caught the eye of Diesel's sales manager, who invited him to come and design for the brand's decoration branch in Italy. After a few years, the designer realized how much he loved fashion and returned to Stockholm to start a new career. Supported by two friends, he founded ACNE Studios.


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