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The 2018 Spring-Summer collection from Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, the designer behind the Aliita brand, plays once again with our perception of everyday objects that she reworks delicately adding little stones for a precious feel.  But the designer also makes more imposing pieces, with big, multicoloured stones that up your style quotient in an instant. This is our new favourite jewellery brand.


Founded in 2015, the Aliita brand (the name means “Important Object”, in the dialect of the Venezuelan province where she grew up) is the fruit of the imagination of Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni. Her pendants are figurative and simple, inspired by everyday objects, Aliita pendants are made in 9-carat gold, with ruby, emerald or diamond stones. Her minimalist earrings, bracelets and rings are perfect for wearing every day, the Aliita jewellery brand is a keeper.


Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni grew up in Venezuela, then moved to Italy to study at the Instituto Europeo di Design (Milan). The future jewellery designer began her career working in various capacities at Vionnet, Miu Miu and Jill Sander before launching her own jewellery brand, Aliita, in 2015.


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