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With their minimalist design and XXL size, Annie Costello Brown jewels are recognizable at first glance. No precious materials here, this jewelry of a new kind is made of leather, semi-precious stones as well as gold, silver or brass plated materials. A small revolution that appeals to the most extroverted girls, happy to finally find jewels that meet their exuberance, and to the more discreet, happy to challenge predetermined codes.


The Annie Costello Brown jewelry brand was founded in 2006. While she aimed to become a painter, the jewelry designer imagined small (XXL) pieces for her own use, which caught her family’s eye. Without even knowing it, the designer launched her brand, now distributed by some carefully selected e-shops and stores. Annie Costello Brown jewelry is handmade to order: no surplus, no flooded market, and no dissolution of the brand. When the company grew and the designer ended up managing a ten people workshop, she chose to reduce the size of the business to keep it fun and creative.


Annie Costello Brown may not have aimed for a jewelry designer career, but everything indicated she would become an artist. She was raised on a barge in San Francisco Bay and grew up surrounded by artists. As an adult, she joined the San Francisco Art Institute. She imagined her life as a painter. After traveling and taking on several short-term jobs, she settled in Los Angeles and began to create jewelry for herself. It caught her family’s eye and she slowly became renowned for her creations. She then launched her own jewelry brand.


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