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We no longer need to introduce Charlotte Lacroix, founder of the Chibcha brand, which stands out as a new reference in small jewelry. Light and simple pink gold creations mounted on chains or on colored cords. The designer’s favorite emblems: boat anchors, hearts, crosses and strong symbols of the Latin-American culture. Refreshing pieces.


Charlotte Lacroix launched the Chibcha brand in 2015. As she finds inspiration in the South American civilization Chibcha, where the Eldorado legend originated, the designer chose to present her jewelry under this name. Her first collection was actually called Eldorado, made in pink gold and composed of pieces made of small circles joined to each other. With pendants, medals, thread and thin chain bracelets, the Chibcha identity is already rich and assertive.


Charlotte Lacroix had no intention of becoming a jewelry creator. The Chibcha brand designer started her career as a commercial architect and an event planner. Thirteen years later, the Parisian woman moved to the South of France and started working as a fashion designer. And she made the right decision, the young Chibcha brand is already a fashion-editor favorite, who often choose it for their magazine covers.


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