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The story of the Ganni brand dates back to 2000, when a gallery owner in Copenhagen set himself the goal of designing the perfect cashmere sweater. His friend Ditte Reffstrup came on board to help him in his quest initially, and when he decided to leave the company a few years later, he left her as creative director. Ditte’s husband Nicolaj Reffstrup stepped in to take over the company. The Danish label grew slowly, and after a few years, it turned into the hip, covetable brand we know today. Soft sweaters, long skirts and slightly oversize jackets sum up the Ganni style, a blend of elegance and comfort for a mix and match wardrobe that suits women everywhere.


Ditte Reffstrup was never destined to be the creative director of one of the hippest brands around. Her childhood was spent playing football in her hometown of Hirtshals in Denmark and she started off her career in fashion as a buyer. When a friend who had designed a line of sweaters asked for her help, her true vocation emerged. One pair of shoes, a few other pieces and the collection took shape. Ditte Reffstrup is a busy mother of two who claims the key to the success of Ganni comes from her ability to design pieces that she wants to wear herself.


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