Following the successful collaboration between Adam Selman and The Specs, the Australian eyewear brand is renewing the experience for the Spring/Summer 2018. This season, the American designer chose to revisit his iconic design, The Last Lolita, and to create new pieces. The Flex, The Scandal, The International, The Heartbreaker...are all new references that will blend into our wardrobes. Adam Selman is not the only guest designer this season: Jordan ASkill, Pepsi and Double Rainbouu have also contributed to the Le Specs collection.

The eyewear label Le Specs was founded in Australia in 1979 by pharmacists Jack and Sam Gance who thought of importing these affordable accessories to cheer up their shop. The brand became renowned for the new material used to produce their glasses: acrylic. Known to be unbreakable, the glasses were guaranteed five years, which encouraged sales and launched the brand’s success in the 80s. After declining, the label was revived in 2005 when Sunshades bought the license and hired its designer, Hamish Tame, as creative director. However, Le Specs did not meet with success until 2016. That year, the model Gigi Hadid posted a photo of herself wearing a pair of The Last Lolita, from a capsule collection designed by Adam Selman. The effect was immediate, the sunglasses became iconic and promoted Le Specs to a cool and desirable brand.


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