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Rombaut, a vegan accessories brand launched by Belgian designer Mats Rombaut in 2013, boasts a near-perfect CV: super-limited edition unisex trainers in avant-garde, technical, brutalist designs, driven by powerful aesthetic and humanist values, and making our ultra-connected generation fully aware of the progress that can be made simply through what we choose to wear on our feet.

Proud to reconcile fashion and ethics, this animal-friendly unisex footwear brand uses luxurious plant materials, recycled fibres - pineapple, tree bark, coconut - and artificial leather to make its remarkable designs, handcrafted in the Porto region.

 Mats Rombaut is fuelled by a rare and happy optimism in his quest for sustainability: "I want to make people happy", explains the young designer, born in Belgium in 1987, and vegan since the age of 21.

 He graduated with a Master's in Business Administration and Marketing before going on to work at Lanvin, and after getting to know the world of sneakers at Damir Doma, he embarked on the adventure that is Rombaut. He was 26 years old. His strong convictions, unique style, and the cultural and musical influences he shares with his eponymous brand, make us want to follow him into the future, step by step.


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