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Vanessa Tugendhaft

In 2008, Vanessa Tugendhaft launched her eponymous jewelry line. After graduating, the young Belgian designer imagined an innovating concept: a diamond mounted on rhodium silver attached to a red nylon thread. Celebrities immediately became fond of the jewel, which started the brand’s success. Following that first hit, the jewelry designer soon released a new collection made of gold jewelry set with diamonds. As she sold these jewels at a higher price, they attracted new customers centered on diamonds. Wanting to propose diamonds to wear every day, Vanessa Tugendhaft also imagined three fragrances offered in bottles decorated with silver roses and diamonds. Once the bottle is empty, customers can bring it back to the shop to have the rose mounted on a chain or a bracelet.


Vanessa Tugendhaft is daughter of a long line of jewelers. She created her first jewelry at the age of 15. However, she chose to study business in Paris when she was 22. She noticed there that many young women wore a red thread bracelet tied around their wrist (including herself). She then had the idea to add a diamond to it. She met success quite rapidly and decided to launch her eponymous brand. Vanessa Tugendhaft jewelry is now a hit around the world: a must-have for celebrities and affordable jewelry lovers.


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