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Anissa Kermiche jewellery

Original and precious, Anissa Kermiche jewellery is inimitable and unique. The jewellery designer takes inspiration from the world around her, like the Chinese fortune cookies that inspired her Paniers Dorés earrings. An ex IT expert, her designs are elegant and bursting with creativity. Bracelets, rings, chokersAnissa Kermiche jewellery has it all.


Anissa Kermiche jewellery and accessories

Discreet or daring? Anissa Kermiche jewellery is diverse in style, from the low-key to the audacious, like the pendants from her Body Language collection that depict parts of the female form, naked and decorated with precious stones. Elegant and unusual, there is truly something for all jewellery lovers at Anissa Kermiche jewellery.


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