Logo Cap in Rose Cotton Canvas

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A Calvin Klein 205W39NYC cap? A few seasons ago, the idea would have been strange, but under the direction of Raf Simons, not at all. American culture, a theme dear to the Belgian designer, goes hand in hand with the peaked cap, and his version is minimalist. In black or white, with a discreet brand logo, it is imbued with simplicity.

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Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Calvin Klein 205 W39 NYC

On February 10th 2017, Raf Simons introduced in New York his first collection for Calvin Klein. On that morning, the belgian native displayed a celebration of America through its Fall-Winter collection. Mix and match on the runway: the spotlight was on tailoring, cherished by the American line, and on denim, held dear by Simons. A few evanescent tops, letting us catch a glimpse of breast, but also and predominantly a clear plastic film coating most dresses and coats. The designer expressed his love of minalism with accessories, well fitting among the brand's asthetic. With the "Dôme" bag's curves, the clarity of the "Bucket" bag, offered in a range of bright colors, the versatility of the clean "Bugatti" and the "Shopper Tote" that can be folded into clutches, Raf Simons spoiled a wide range of handbags lovers. His biggest achievement? An hybrid that should be much talked about, mixing the strictness of a brief-case with the flexibility of the "Bugatti" tote.


The Calvin Klein fashion house has the distinction of having a designer for each product category in order to provide the highest possible standards in fashion. Artistic director of shoes and accessories since 2006, Ulrich Grimm was born in Germany and has always been passionate about fashion. After studying fashion design at ESMOD in Paris, he also studied for a degree in fashion design from Fachhochschule Bielefel. He joined Calvin Klein in 1988 and his success was immediate. He rose up through the ranks at the fashion house thanks to his widely recognized talent. A great lover of architecture, he is influenced by this area in his work. He therefore pays particular attention to the forms and materials he uses and draws creativity from structures and colours that are based on raw materials used in architecture and construction. Ulrich Grimm brings us sleek and modern collections that fit perfectly with Calvin Klein’s image.

Fascinated by fashion from an early age, Calvin Klein studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York before launching his brand in 1968 with childhood friend Barry Schwartz. The brand quickly gained notoriety through its pieces that mix chicness with simplicity and luxury with freshness. But their success is also due to the audacity with which the two friends presented their underwear on runway models for the first time ever. Over time the brand has diversified and boasts muses such as Kate Moss. In 1993, to crown his success, Calvin Klein received the Womenswear Designer Award and the Best Menswear Designer Award from the CFDA. An unprecedented occasion: never before has a designer received both of these awards.