Nicola Twistlock Medium Flap Shoulder Bag in Pink Leather

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Queen of hearts or queen of spades? You get to choose this season at Kate Spade with the Nicola that comes with a clasp in the shape of the label's emblem. The enamel clasp brings a certain character to this bag you will want to own.

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Kate Spade New York

Nicola Glass, the newly appointed creative director at Kate Spade New York, reveals a collection that says back-to-basics for the American label. The Pic, a brand emblem since its inception in 1993, features prominently, romantic at times, mischievous at others, hidden on a flower print, on detailed leather, or as a clasp intertwined with a heart. The designer takes us back to the fun, zany roots of the brand, when it burst on the scene in the early nineties. The ready-to-wear gets a total makeover, but so do accessories. The 2019 Kate Spade New York woman never leaves home without her handbag, and the flagship piece gets a total reboot. Nicola Glass has dropped most of the existing lines and has reworked the bag in her own way (the first piece is, of course, the Nicola). It comes in more nuanced shades than usual from pink to white to black. With a slightly more low-key approach to logomania, new era has begun, updating the brand with the lightest of touches.


Kate Brosnahan founded the Kate Spade New York bag label with her fiancé, Andy Spade, in 1993. After working as a fashion editor at the magazine Mademoiselle, the designer wanted to launch a fun and affordable accessory brand. Her first collection only included six silhouettes that were all a hit. Two years later, the fashion house opened its first shop in New York. That same year, Kate Spade received the Perry Ellis Award for New Talent at the CFDA Awards. In 1997, she won the CFDA Accessory Designer Award of the Year.

In 1999, the couple sold a first 56%-stake of their company to Neiman Marcus before selling the rest of their shares in 2006. The same year, they sold the label to the Liz Claiborne group, who hired Deborah Lloyd as creative designer in 2007. Ten years later, the brand was sold to the Coach group, now named Tapestry.


Nicola Glass was born in Belfast, but the new creative director at Kate Spade New York has spent most of her career in New York. After graduating from London’s Royal College of Art with a master in Fashion Accessories, she moved to Italy to work under Tom Ford at Gucci, before joining Michael Kors. She stayed there for twelve years, ending up in charge of accessories, for both Michael Kors Collection and the Michael Michael Kors diffusion line. In November 2017, Tapestry, the holding company that owns Kate Spade New York, announced her as the new creative director of the American label.