Scarves Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen scarves

Avant-garde and anti-conformist, the Alexander McQueen brings the rock spirit of the brand to life. Known for the skull design, the Alexander McQueen brand constantly reinvents the use of leather by adding metallic ornaments and seasonal colours to the creations. Alexander McQueen has always shifted from luxury fashion codes to a more rock and abnormal look.

Alexander McQueen scarves

Alexander McQueen scarves made of chiffon, pashmina, mohair silk or wool all feature the iconic Skull motif. MONNIER Frères has selected the most beautiful in different colours and sizes, with the Tatto or Vadoo prints such as the Swallow Dream, the Skull stole or the Underwater Sea World.

If you already own an Alexander McQueen scarf, you can also find the Alexander McQueen bags, shoes and accessories such as sunglasses on the MONNIER Frères site.


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