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Christian Lacroix began his fashion career in 1978 in the Hermès fashion house and launched his own Christian Lacroix brand almost ten years later. Always in the spirit since the beginning, creations Christian Lacroix have given a distinguished look to the women who wear them. Emblem of elegance and creativity, Christian Lacroix remains a reference and source of inspiration for the young generations of designers.


Christian Lacroix scarves and accessories


To agree with the values of craftsmanship and quality of the brand, weaving workshops for Christian Lacroix scarves were installed in Italy, the country of fashion par excellence. Playing on the colour, shapes and different ways of wearing them, each silk square from the Christian Lacroix brand is worked to become a unique fashion piece. Christian Lacroix scarves will dress your outfit of an array of colour for an inimitable style.


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