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Emilio Pucci shoes


Although the Italian fashion house is famous for its prints, it does not stop itself from creating shoes . Emilio Pucci shoes are on par for the brand image: vibrant, with touches of luxury sportswear and trimmed for movement as for elegance. Founded in 1951 by Emilio Pucci, the Italian label has imposed its style and aesthetics. Even today, Emilio Pucci ready-to-wear and shoes evoke a fashion that is both festive and sexy, composed of pieces with a simple and timeless cut.


Emilio Pucci shoe models


Trainers, ballerinas, sneakers as well as sandals, the Italian fashion house intends to see to all women. Whether speaking about flip-flops intertwined with silk squares or sneakers named after the largest cities in the world, Emilio Pucci shoes are constantly evolving. The perfect accessory for active women who like to be noticed. You will also find the selection of Emilio Pucci bags on the MONNIER Frères website.