Whether on the wrist, hand, shoulder or foot, chains are definitely having a moment, and frankly we couldn't be happier about the return of this 90s trend. Here are our top tips for wearing one of this year's flagship trends.

1. Back to the desert - Worn around the neck with a linen shirt in neutral tones, we're transported to a time of campfires in the middle of the desert, listening to stories from the local guide, lulled by the scent of traditional tea.

2. Print it up: a trip to the Orient - In the hand or on the wrist, a chunky chain is the perfect way to accentuate an outfit's oriental prints. To be worn without restraint until the end of summer.

3. Edgy on the block: embracing the avant-garde - A striking and stylish chain, ideally worn over a full-on black look to give it its moment in the spotlight.

4. A bag that means business - The perfect companion for professional women who are always on the go. The chain is discreet and practical too, carrying everything you need as you roam around the city.

5. Urban chic - The chic street-style chain that never goes unnoticed. Often coupled with the “chunky sole” trend for a Jenny from the Block-inspired feel.